Positive Reinforcement Training

Brown and white dog staring at the camera

Dancing With Dogs uses only positive reinforcement training techniques. Positive reinforcement has been scientifically proven to be more successful than other forms of training (e.g.- punishment based). It ensures no harm will come to your dog. It creates a happy learning environment where you and your dog work as a team. It encourages the bond between owner and dog.

Positive reinforcement training does not mean you dole out treats and affection randomly. Instead you selectively reward the behaviors you want to happen more often. Because a rewarded behavior will occur more and more frequently, training is accomplished by rewarding actions you like and ignoring undesirable actions. For example, if you routinely reward your dog for lying quietly next to you while watching TV, the probability of him lying quietly next to you greatly increases.

I will demonstrate teaching and rewarding of behaviors such as sitting, lying down, staying, walking on a loose leash, and politely going through doors. Of course, the sessions will be customized to fit your needs, thus some of the aforementioned behaviors may not be included while other behaviors will be added.

I charge $50.00 for an hour lesson and $35.00 for a half hour. All new clients receive a free 30 minute consultation session.

Dog playing with a toy